Beautiful Newhalf Nurse Kaede

Kaede is one sexy newhalf, shown here as a nurse! Wouldn’t you love to show up for your physical, and after the doctor leave after checking your cough with his finger under your balls, he leaves and calls for the nurse to finish the job . . . and in walks the beautiful newhalf nurse Kaeda! She sees you still with your pants dropped and giggles her little newhalf laugh and winks at you, then you say you’re sorry you forgot, and she says “never mind, me too . . . ” then she proceeds to lift up her skirt length nurse’s uniform and show you her large, rock-hard she-cock underneath . . . no underwear. You reach to caress her hot cock and she immediately leans over to wrap her lips and tongue around your throbbing cock, and sucks you off while you stroke her cock rapidly until you both explode in orgasm at the same time, right there in the doctors office! You’re only a fast cleanup away from not anyone knowing besides you and her!


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