Rui Matushita Dominates Her Men

Rui Matushita is an absolute goddess, she knows it, and she acts that way too. She loves to dominate the men she is with, and always takes firm control. She starts out by first putting her foot down, usually on the guy’s chest, commanding them to suck her toes and lick her feet, or some other type of worship, which any of us would be happy to oblige with. Pretty soon she is sitting on the guy’s face, forcing her to tease her through her panties until she is ready to whip the girl-cock and have him go to town her her cock, before taking turns and pleasuring the man and bringing him to orgasm, which she always does, because dominating princess Rui is always able to please her man.


Japanese Shemale Rui Matushita

Rui Matushita

Probably my number one favorite Japanese shemale goddess is Rui Matushita, a totally nasty nymphomaniac who works as an escort (thank God!), and she apparently loves to give quickie blowjobs (again thank God!), but she is also a gorgeous, glamorous supermodel looking new-half. Look how fucking horny she is, following her guy (for the night) back to his place, then once inside she grabs him, dominates him, sits on his face, and forces her no-balls she-cock in his mouth and he loves it. This is some totally hot she-cock shit! I love it. You will too.